Thursday, September 22, 2011

Vancouver Island Mountain Bike tour

Here is something that I have been hearing about for a little while. A network of trails that connect from Mile 0 at Dallas road in Victoria, all the way to Cape Scott on the very northern end of Vancouver Island. It includes trails in Strathcona Park and the North Coast Trail, a new very remote route on the top of the island. This trail could be a boon for backpacking outfitters, hostels, shuttle services and small communities along the way. I need to learn more about the organization that is working on making this a reality. I would be something worth giving a few donation dollars.

Link to the Vancouver Island Spine Trail site.

I have had an idea of doing a mountain bike tour on Vancouver Island, from Cape Scott to Victoria, doing the same kind of idea as the Spine Trail, the only thing would be that I would not be able to ride a bike on the provincial park trails, so I would have to find a route that follows existing forestry roads and trails. I am going to be researching this and maybe one day I will make this a reality. I would like to find a route, GPS record it, make a map, and have some internet guide for it. This could be a fun project. Any one want to help?

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