Sunday, September 18, 2011

Running(or not) through life

Relaxing on the beach. Wouldn't it be nice to have more time for this.....

I have been thinking lately about how busy I seem to be. Everyday is just going from the time I get out of bed, until the time I go back to sleep. I spoke with several people today about it, and they all felt the same. Time to just sit, and have some quite time is very limited. I am not sure if this is by choice or that is just the way it is. I think that for me it is more by choice. Staying busy, getting up in the morning on weekends, going to bed early, and doing as much for myself as I can all make me feel accomplished. I think for the ones I talked to who are near the same age as me, this is a time for learning and accomplishing new things in life. I know for me, I feel like there is something new that I am doing all the time to learn and create. It all comes in stages, and surely there will be time in the months to come to spend time writing and whittling.

Yellow Chantrelle

Speaking of a busy day, here is the agenda of what was accomplished today. I was up by 7, making waffles for breakfast and homemade peach syrup from the juice I canned last week. After breakfast I spent two hours laying tile. I had never done it before and had spent a few hours the night before preparing the backer board. Once the tile was all down and I cleaned up, Natalie and I headed out with Marshall to go mushroom picking. We walked for a hour and a half, found around a pound of chantrelles, and then let Marshall have a swim. Then we drove to Courtenay to get groceries. Back home again by 2:30 to make potato salad and chili for my lunch and dinner this week, shower and leave again by 4:15 to go visiting and out for dinner. I finally sat down to watch some TV, do my strength building exercises for my knee and decided to write this blog entry. Months ago when I was still drinking, I never had this much stamina to keep going all day. I used to have a nap on the weekend around 2 in the afternoon and I thought I accomplished a lot back then. Wow, I am way busier and more content doing it. Nine months of no drinking. I feel better everyday, and the thoughts of drinking again get less and less everyday.

I was shut down by my physiotherapist from doing any high impact exercise like running or cycling. I have piano wire tight IT bands (it runs on the outside of the femur from the knee to the hip) and has caused me no shortage of knee pain. The exercises seem to be helping and I am taking glucosamine and traumeel. I really want to get this thing fixed so I can get back to running and biking. I think when I do get the okay to take them up again, it will be low impact. Climbing the hill from work isn't going to be on the list of approved activities. I think that I may be done commuting by bike for this year. It is a shame. I am a little frustrated, but I am going to be diligent and keep up these exercises. Anyone else had problems like this?

I took todays mushrooms out to a special family in Merville. They are wonderful people who have become really good friends and make you feel incredibly welcome whenever one visits the "ranch". I purchased salmon from them. The patriarch of this family is a commercial fisherman and I was happy to support them. They hadn't eaten chantrelles in many years, so it was really nice to bring them a new thing to try. I usually like to introduce new people to the fruits of the forest, and give them to a different family every year. It is something that I love to do, and is so appreciated by all that I share with.

I am looking forward to dark nights, warm woodstove and whittling wooden spoons in the living room. I want to get a half dozen done for Christmas so I can give them for gifts. I want to spend more time working on some fiction writing and I want to get much salmon smoking done for the holidays. So my list doesn't get any shorter, like the days. Good thing for C.F.L.s I can work into the night. I need all the time I can get. I have another thing that I will be starting soon, and I will write more about that in the future.

Have a great week. Re-Happy.

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