Vancouver Island year of adventures with an 8 year old

Adventure One -Snow shoeing on Mt. Washington.

Adventure Two -Birdwatching at the Courtenay River Estuary in the rain

Adventure Three -Allen Lake hike with Lifesavers.

Adventure Four -Canucks Game

Adventure Five -Moe's Misery loves company

Adventure Six -Not so Forbidden Plateau

Adventure Seven- Oyster Picking

Adventure Eight- Tsolum Spirit Park

Adventure Nine- The Enchanted Forest

Adventure Ten- Eagles, Beavers and Waterfalls

Adventure Eleven- Florencia Bay

Adventure Twelve- Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park

Adventure Thirteen- Family History

Adventure Fourteen- Beachcombing

Adventure Fifteen- Northeast Woods

Adventure Sixteen- Bike riding Seal Bay Park

Adventure Seventeen- Bike riding to Trent River

Adventure Eighteen- Bevan Trail

Adventure Nineteen- Happy Mothers Day bike ride

Adventure Twenty- Merville Trails

Adventure Twenty-one- Canoeing the Salish Sea.

Adventure Twenty-two- Vancouver Island Visitor Center, by bike

Adventure Twenty-three- Chinese/Japanese Cemetary

Adventure Twenty-four- Car free Fathers Day

Adventure Twenty-five- Beaver Lodge Forest Lands

Adventure Twenty-six- Trout Fishing

Adventure Twenty-seven- Berry Picking

Adventure Twenty-eight- Bullhead Fishing

Adventure Twenty-nine- Homesteading skills

Adventure Thirty- Salmon Fishing

Adventure Thirty-one- The Ripple Rock Trail