Monday, January 2, 2012

100 item challenge

This is something I became aware of while researching tiny homes. To see if one could actually live with 100 things or less. Now the challenge is not perfect. I am unsure if this challenge included kitchen dishes, utensils, towels, or pictures. I know it does include clothes, books, footwear and recreational equipment. If you lived on your own, I would think that kitchen essentials should count, but if you live with someone then this could be split in two. Or if you have roommates than I think it would be a moot point.

So could you live with 100 items or less? I took a list today of things. I made it to 100 and realized that I forgot several important things, and I didn't include my tools, which I have many. I did include basic kitchen things in my list. It is interesting, and I believe that anyone could live with less, maybe not 100, but maybe 200? Consumerism is ruining the world. Unfortunately, to rid oneself of things, generally it ends up in a landfill. By cutting down on purchases, and clutter, can make a house more relaxing and less work to organize. Less pieces means more peace. Plus less choice aids in decision making. One pair of pants that goes with everything. No hesitation on what to wear. I did a two week bike tour with only what I could fit in my panniers and I was quite happy with only having what I had. It was all I needed. Now I am rambling, and I am no better than anyone else when it comes to consumerism. It is a neat philosophy and one that I wish to try to implement.

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