Sunday, February 19, 2012

Natalie goes to Richmond.

This weekend, unfortunately for me, Natalie was whisked away by her mom for a brief visit to her Great Grandma's house in Richmond. While I had plenty of fun and adventure staying home and going out with my girlfriend and Marshall, we broke our streak of seven adventures in seven weeks. I promise we will meet our goal of 52 adventures this year, but they will not necessarily be an successive weeks. A big trip is planned for July and we will have many great stories, pictures and adventures to report on. I might even be able to blog from the road.

So I asked Natalie if she would like to write this weeks post and explain what she did on her second trip of 2012 off of Vancouver Island. She declined, stating that she had no idea what to write, but she would dictate to me and I could jot it down. So from this point on I will become Natalie's secretary and write down what she tells me too.

It was a great weekend. Mom and Chase drove me to the ferry terminal. And we had two hour and fifteen minute ride across to Tswassen. Grandma Karen picked us up at the terminal in great grandma's car. Monty was there too(Great Grandma's dog) And the next day we went to the mall. And we went to Ardene, and I got two surprise bags. And then we walked over to Earls and had lunch. That night Grandma and Great Grandma went to some ballet. Me and Mom had been forced to lay back and relax(giggle, laugh, laugh, laugh) We had homemade mac and cheese for dinner with tomatoes in it. It was delicious. The next day we had to leave. We took Monty out for a walk, and then we took two buses  and the sky train to get back to the ferry. We got the ticket one minute late but they still let us on. Then we had food. When we were done our food, Grandma saw some friends she hadn't seen since her birthday. I found out how to make hair extensions with yarn. When we were in Fanny Bay, mom and Chase were talking about driving past daddy's house and I would have to just jump out of the window like a super hero. But they were just pulling my leg and they stopped the car so I could get out like a normal person. When I got into dad's house I was relived because I was tired of travelling. The end.

Well, I am back. Nice job Natalie, you just wrote your first blog. Thats my girl. I am sure more happened than you told me, but that is okay with me. Now she just told me that Monty can talk and they watched the Food network together. Kids, I tell ya....... Find Adventure.

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