Wednesday, February 1, 2012


I am in Port Hardy B.C. as I compose this essay. My place of work successfully bid the H.V.A.C. contact for the new North Island Veterinary Hospital. I, along with three of my work mates came up on Monday, to work ten hour days and to come home on Friday. It has been pretty good so far. I find it hard to eat and sleep properly in a new community and a strange bed. Browsing my blog, I was reminded that this en devour was started a year ago Friday. And this will be the 100th post. Oh the milestones.

I was thinking about the last year, all the events, adventures, disappointments and new experiences. I don't feel the need to re-cap the year, as it is all here already, and would like to invite you to browse the archive and see what I got up to this past year. The blog has evolved. This blog started as a forum to blow off some steam when things got frustrating. I was newly sober and not sure if it was going to continue. The idea of writing was always there, just never having a place to practice and motivation to keep at it. Now I am writing and taking more photos about outdoor adventures, environments concerns, gear reviews, lofty ideas, goals and challenges. I have inspired other to change small things in their lives, which was another great pay-off of my pondering. I wanted to motivate more folks to get on a bicycle, and live a healthier lifestyle.

In the coming year will bring new ideas to take children out to help them learn about the natural world and to look after the planet. (There is a whole list) I will be undertaking a wonderful hike this summer on the North Coast trail, and hopefully a bike camping trip or two. There are also plans in the works to build a tiny house this year with my girlfriend as a full time residence for her. I will be blogging and photographing it along the way. Recipes, more home improvements, and my journey to shy away from consumerism and par down my belongings will be in there too. I have even considered writing and compiling some of my drinking stories. It could be fun to do. There might even be an order for some of those "My other ride" t-shirts and have them for sale if anyone is interested (check my store) 

I would like to thank every one who has spent some time getting "cynical". I appreciate it so much. Everyday when I see that page view counter go up, it warms the heart. The posts about my sobriety and Natalie's fight with cancer were especially powerful and the support of my friends and readers was positive and beautiful. I am a proud guy with so many fantastic people in my life. Thanks a whole bunch. Find Adventure Everyone!

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  1. It's interesting to be able to be able to read the thought processes of someone so close. I'm grateful for the fine man you've grown to be. Mama's can be proud too ;)