Friday, February 4, 2011

Time to get it started

So today I officially/unofficially started my full time bicycle commuting. I am hoping to make it all year, maybe taking a break through December. It depends on daylight and snow. I am really quite scared of riding with ice too, so I will take it day by day until spring hits and I will be in the clear. The thought of my back tire slipping out sideways on me, while clipped into the pedals, and doing 40kph will give me nightmares. I can't think about it. I do believe that it should be fine, and I will keep on rolling. I have to ask a friend or my dad to drive me into work if I chicken out, which isn't a problem, but not having my own vehicle makes it easier to get on the saddle everyday. Plus I figure that if I don't want to lose weight, but not gain, I can eat whatever I like, no guilt. A huge bonus of the daily grind up the hill.Hahaha.

Soon I will be doing my commute and going for trail rides or runs after work. The days are rapidly getting longer(or so it seems). I can't wait to get in more exercise, as the time allows. Maybe runs in the morning before my ride in. Who knows. Never seems to be enough time in the day. Probably lots of time if I just get away from the tv and make physicality a priority. It will be fun to get out for walks with the dog and the daughter after dinner too.

Speaking of daughter, she is so close to riding her bike. Its been three years that I have been trying to get her on it. She is afraid of falling down and getting hurt. It is coming and I am excited. She has ten years to practice, since we are going to ride across Canada after she finishes high school. Its a lot over whelming for her right now, it will be awesome. I can't wait!

If you have a chance, and enjoy crude humor like I do, check out the "Jay and Silent Bob get old" Podcast. Its so funny, I can't stop listening to it. Not for everyone, especially kids and my Grandma, but its great comedy.

have a good one.

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