Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back at it

It was a good weekend. I spent all weekend with my girlfriend and her parents. Nice and mellow. Had some nice meals. I introduced them to breaded and fried fish. They are vegetarians, who eat a little fish. Never had it like that, they were amazed with it. I was happy and ate too much.

I watched part of the Canucks game Friday night, and the Super Bowl. Slash coming out at Half Time was the best part as far as I was concerned. Good to see the Pack win again.

I got out for a run on Saturday. I am just getting back to being able to run again. I have a tight IT band and my knee was really sore for a few months. It was really hard for me. I was really enjoying my new hobby, and it put me in a slump for a while. I am feeling great about it, and soon will be out often with the Pooch.

I ordered some waterproof shoe covers for my commute. I am really happy that I have a full waterproof outfit now. Nice gear. I will detail my outfit and its performance once I ride in a heavy rain. Fingers crossed that I won't have to try it out to much.

Getting motivated about home reno's. I don't know when time and money will allow it, but I do have some kind of a vision and hopefully I can get some things done. I need a change.

Have a great Monday.

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