Thursday, February 3, 2011

First Blog, New season.

Hi. Here I go. I have been thinking about doing this blog thing for a while. It seems kind of neat, and gives me a chance to do some writing and maybe contact some new people, who like the same things as I do.

I am an avid cyclist, I commute to work nine kilometers a day each way. I also like to do longer rides on the weekends, up to 50 or so km. I ride a  hard tail mountain bike on the trails in Cumberland, with my dog, Marshall and sometimes with my friends, sometimes alone. My girlfriend just recently purchased a full suspension MTB, and I am really excited that she will be able to get out on the XC trails with me. I also like to take long rides on the logging roads to access places that are locked behind gates. Some favorite swimming holes and mushroom picking spots. My next foray into the world of cycling is touring. My girlfriend and I are going to be taking a tour through parts of the Yukon, Alaska and Northern BC this summer, which will include a trip to Haida Gwaii. This is going to be an  incredible trip, and we are so excited about it. This trip will include approximately 500 km of riding from Whitehorse, Yukon to Haines Alaska. The sights will be amazing, as well as long days of light, since we will be in the Yukon for the first day of summer. I have never experienced this before.

I guess the purpose of this blog will be to write about things I see during my daily commutes, adventures, training, gear. Really anything that comes up. I tend to get frustrated at "pedestrian cyclists" those cyclists who ride a bike as a fast way to get from place to place, rather than the actual love of the ride. These people also tend to ride on the sidewalk, and on the wrong side of the road. There is no bright clothes or lights. I have been know to remind these folk that they are doing a dangerous thing. They give all cyclists a bad name, and it makes it more dangerous for me because drivers have less respect when they see cyclists breaking the rules of the road.

Time to sign off, good night for now.

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