Sunday, February 13, 2011

New week

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent it with my girlfriend, it was nice and quiet. I did some work at her dads house on Saturday. We had some good meals again, and a few walks. The weather was miserable on Saturday, blowing and raining. Glad it waited until the weekend and I didn't have to commute in it.

Speaking of commuting, my first full week went really well. The weather was quite good. There was some wind on Monday and Tuesday afternoon, and a light rain on Friday afternoon. Beyond that, it was really nice, especially for February. Not many other commuters on my route. There is one fellow who rides daily and did all winter, on a full suspension MTB. I am so impressed. Really happy with the amount of daylight as well. Today there is exactly 10 hours between sunrise and sunset. Spring is around the corner :)

I am so frustrated with pedestrian cyclists riding on the sidewalk and/or on the wrong side of the road. These folks are just asking to be hit. I want to holler at them all. I will just get worse and worse with the weather getting better. I really don't like to hear about a cyclist getting hurt, we need to be proactive out there. Use lights, bright clothes, follow the rules. Don't ride and talk on the phone. Don't ride after drinking. Use your brain, and you will keep your in your head, not on the sidewalk.

I picked up some shoe covers for my SPD shoes on Saturday. Now I don't have to worry about getting we feet. My waterproof system is complete. I will like to ride in a down pour and see how it all works. I have a MEC helmet cover, Sugoi Majik waterproof shell, waterproof/insulated gloves from Marks, packable rainpants from Marks and now these Sugoi Resistor booties. I also bought some new Specialized half finger gloves. My old ones lasted me all last year, about five months of riding everyday. They were gross. So much sweat and snot on them.

My Icebreaker order has arrived from the US. It is really nice to have an American address to ship things to. No sales tax and the exchange is almost par, plus the US prices are much less that the Canadian. I am stoked to get this package. Two long sleeve tops, two short sleeve tops and a pair of underwear. GF got me into merino wool, and I am a little addicted to it. My collection is growing rapidly. I really want to add a merino cycling jersey. Maybe this spring.

I hope your Monday is good. Hopefully I will have a chance to write something more this week.

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