Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My Appearance on Robb

A few months back my sister began investigating the Paleo lifestyle for herself after seeing my striking results in weight loss, as well as disappearing aches and pains. She was browsing Robb Wolf's website and was reading the Testimonial page. She suggested that I do one and send it off. I pondered writing a few paragraphs explaining my journey to health and the truth of our "system" run by the food, drug and insurance companies. So I sat down and put words on the screen and sent it off. Within a few days I was contacted by "Squatchy" Chris Williams, who works on Robb's team for the blog and podcast, about my testimonial and told me that it would be added to the list. I was thrilled to be included on the list. I assumed that it would be months before the essay would be up. Low and behold it came online this week.

Wow, how cool. To see my writing on the same pages that I spent so many hours working through, learning about this lifestyle, getting motivated and finding new recipes. During this conversion to Paleo I have connected with so many wonderful, like minded, individuals. The twitterverse has a massive community of Paleo practitioners and bloggers. I have so much fun looking at everyones pictures, habits, mistakes and other random thoughts. This Paleo life is a good one, I am so blessed to live somewhere that I have access to clean water, clean food, clean air and room to roam the woods to forage for wild edibles and exercise. I never set foot in a gym, my exercise comes from the natural world and the physical labour of my job. I am living the Paleo dream, and it is here to stay. I hope to bring a few of you along with me! Thanks for reading and listening to my spiels.

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