Saturday, December 15, 2012

Adventure 48- Goose Spit(a fictional experience)

Wow the weather was incredible today. The wind was blowing strong like a dragons wings stroke. Natalie told me that this was perfect weather to search out the mythological beast of the sea. We undertook the voyage from one side of the valley to the seashore. We crossed paths with a gang of rabid, mangy stags, an angry troll who wished to steal our food(Natalie showed him a mirror, the sight of his ugly mug caused him to break out in tears of fright and run off back into the woods), and a smelly goblin. His magic was powerful, as was his musk. I told him to find a bath and he proceeded to begin a spell, pointing his magic beaver stick in my direction. From the sky came a winged coon hound to relieve the goblin of his scepter that could have caused me much discomfort I am sure. We beat hastily from this area to get to the seashore, and away from all the troubles of the valley bottom. This area is a natural funnel for the evil doers to intercept those looking for a short cut from the foothills down to the misty oceanfront. The winged coon hound followed us, soaring just above our equine transport. We were dressed in heavy full grain leather suits to help shed some of the downpour, with an under layer of warm sheep's wool, knitted into the finest sweaters and leggings. Our heads were covered with rabbit-lined fur skull caps for warmth. This late fall weather was unpredictable and being in the open was perilous and vexatious.

Approaching from the north was the only way to enter this place. Natalie was very specific on where to find the goose spit she needed for the certain potion she wanted to experiment with. This potion would be applied it to a piece of chewing gum and the flavour of the gum would last for days, not just minutes. I was unsure how she would find such a unique ingredient. Apparently the goose would chew on the sea asparagus, and leave little trailings of drool on them. She would just capture the drool in a small glass jar to be brought home. Nerves were on edge as the wind made it challenging to keep watch over would be aggressors against our task. Certain witches disliked our spells and potions. We were trying to do good for the world, polar opposite of the witches modus operands. We gained the beach in a slow and methodical way, eyes on the prize and on the skies for marauders. The sea was an angry torrent. The tide was lapping the boulder lined shore with frothing fury. The winged coon hound was now walking because the gusts caused him all kinds of problems.

Suddenly from across the way, a terrifying sound. Men flying in the sky, being towed with giant kites. The witches sensed our location and sent in henchmen. They screamed in like banshee and tried to attack us. Natalie went into action. She began to dance and call out a spell, conjuring magic to protect us from the witches cohorts. Her face became glowing crimson with the power of words. Sea foam began to dart and dive, smelling slightly of crab farts, like the Time Bandit. Joining into a massive ball reminiscent of the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man. The ball lifted off and soared at the henchmen, knocking them from the sky and into the waiting mouths of Two finned sharks that were known to frequent the same seas.

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