Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Find Adventure 2012

Snowshoeing on Mt. Washington.

This post is a couple days shy of the New Year, I thought that this might be the best chance I would have to get this down. As I stated in the "365" post my slogan for '12 is "Find Adventure". I have always had the urge to explore but the thirst has grown and is making me want to take action. I am not talking about climbing Kilimanjaro or doing the Appalachian trail. It's more about prioritizing getting out into nature. Feeling the cold rain or hot sun. Getting bug bites and cold toes. And seeing what kind of adventure I can find close to our home in the beautiful Comox Valley with an 8 year old.

Our first Geo-Cache

Natalie and I sat down today and made a list. It ranges from geo-caching and snowshoeing, to exploring rivers, lakes and islands. Our plan is to get out and "Find Adventure" once a week, normally on a Sunday, since I have her with me that day. It is great that 2012 begins on a Sunday so we can get off on to a strong start. 27 ideas found their way onto that piece of paper. It has been carefully stuck on the refrigerator with chewing gum magnets. This list will give us inspiration if we are not feeling creative, and we can check them off once they have been completed. I will get material to keep on writing this blog, Natalie will learn many things about nature and we will have some great memories and shared moments. I am sure there will be tough days. Our trips don't have to be epic, most of them won't. We will do things we have done before, and also some brand new experiences. What they will have in common is that they are free(aside from transportation and food),being outside, at most a few hours drive from home, and we do them together. We will welcome other guests with us, family and friends. Plus Marshall will be tagging along for most of these voyages. I will get lots of candid pictures and funny quotes. I hope that I will be able to remember them all.

An Admirable Bolete(maybe?)

For 2012 this blog is going to be less focused on negative things, politics, and environmental rants. It is going to be less about me, more about family, friends, pictures, nature and "Finding Adventure" Please follow along for  the next 52 weeks and see where we get to. And if you would like to join us some exploring, please contact me.

Happy New Year to all the readers of "thecynicalcyclist"