Monday, August 22, 2011

A break from the tour blog

I am getting close to the end of the tour journal and its been my focus since we returned. I realized that I hadn't had a blog post since June that wasn't about the tour.

I have been busy this summer. I under took a project renovating my deck, I went to Ucluelet for a family reunion, fishing in Gold River, camping at Raft Cove, and enjoying every minute of it. There is a bunch of salmon in the freezer. I am smoking some candied salmon as I write this. I was lucky enough to find some early chantrelle mushrooms in some of my favorite spots, and that got me very excited. The Honda Element has been great, very happy with it. It is the best vehicle I have owned. A perfect mix of function, utility and fun.

I have been very lazy at my cycling this summer as far as commuting goes. I have been making excuses to drive a lot. With all the projects and trips happening this summer, it feels like I have more time when I drive. I feel bad writing this. I keep hoping that next week I will ride, and I am not doing very good at it. What can I say. We did do lots of mountain biking, and we discovered shuttle rides up Forbidden Plateau. It is really fun to drive up the hill and ride down on the trails.

The latest thought in my head has been tiny houses. My girlfriend bought a book about it, and I have been aware of them for a while, thanks to the Rowdy Kittens. The concept is romantic. The reality may not be. Living in just over 100 square feet. Three people and a dog. Not sure, but I am willing to give it a try. It would be a way to save money, get out of debt, simplify, and to get rid of lots of things. Maybe down to 100 possessions. Cutting back on unnecessary possessions, and the need to fill a space with things that not needed or really wanted. It is a very interesting idea and I will be doing more research and learning more about it.

Not much to say, except life is fantastic. I am about to go eat some candied salmon. I will post on how it turned out and share a recipe.

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