Sunday, June 12, 2011

Last few days

I feel like I am missing my best friend. My Devinci has been dropped off at my LBS to be boxed for the flight. I won't be riding to work this week. The eve of my last few days of work before the big tour is here. I am done work on Wednesday, and we fly out on Thursday for Whitehorse, Yukon. I can't wait. These last few days will hopefully go really fast and I will be on the plane before I know it. Stay tuned for some of my journal entry's when I get home along with some pictures I will post on Flickr.

It has been a crazy few weeks, compiling the last few odds and sods. We spent half the day on Saturday shopping. I bought a new digital camera. My old one got messed up last summer in Raft Cove. Sand got into some places it shouldn't. This new camera, along with being waterproof, is also shock proof, and dust proof. It should hold up for me. It takes 1080 video, and has a GPS in is, with an altimeter and a barometer. Pretty cool features. I got to play with it most of this weekend and it was really nice. It will take some good shots on the tour.

I am getting another vehicle soon. I am planning on a Honda Element. I like the versatility, the small engine, and the looks. I have been interested in one since they first came out. I am excited about having this machine in the driveway. I will be adding a roof rack for my canoe, and a bike rack. The spray out floor is going to be excellent with the dog, and the seats fold down flat and turn into a bed. I can't imagine that it would be that comfortable, in a pinch it would be fine. 8 liters per 100k is also very appealing. I was looking at a Frontier pickup. It would be a good truck, except I don't want to be putting a bunch of gas in it. I like four cylinders. I am still going to be a full time commuter on my bike. Having my own vehicles may allow me to stretch my commute further into the fall, I can drive when the weather is really bad.

Life is so good for me. I haven't felt this happy and content in a long time. I have amazing, loving, supportive girl friend. My daughter is so great and loves me so much. I am so lucky to get to see her as much as I want. The dog is fun to have around. I have never felt more fit. I have no interest in drinking alcohol for the first time in my life. I did really good at school, and I am really proud of myself. I have made some really good choices, and I have some great support around me. I am a lucky, lucky guy.



  1. Dude! I feel great too, I just started running again since I can't get any riding in at work. Thank you for your support also, some of the rides we've done are just awesome. Have a great trip. See ya soon!

  2. Monday was such the perfect ride. Enough heart pumping from hard work and from adrenaline, a good dog, a new trail and one wipe-out just to add some laughs. I wish we could do it more and more. Happiness is a "thirsty beaver" haha.