Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New government, new thinking

I should be studying for my final exam tomorrow. I have spent all week going over things and I am tired of it. I am ready to do this and be finished school. I want to get home. I have enjoyed my time down here, but my daughter needs me, I miss her, my girlfriend, dog, bikes, and home. It will be over in two more days.

So the right won the election.Good job by the N.D.P. to change the political landscape of the country. I believe that the younger generation made a difference, especially in Quebec. The Bloq Quebecois are done, and I couldn't have been happier. I am pissed that the Separatists who have been MP's for years, are collecting huge pensions from Canadian taxpayers. That is bush. If our country isn't good enough, why is our money. Hypocrites. They should be shut down on that. Its the biggest rip off of taxpayer money going. Huge dollars for six years work. Sick. Good job to Elizabeth May on winning her seat, first Green party candidate to win a seat in North America. This is a good sign, and the left gaining so many seats, this country could be turning that direction for the next election in 2015. If we still have anything left. Harper will let the corporations rape this country of all its resources for free, leave when they are done, and not reclaim anything. And they will have burned off much of our natural gas to create the dirtiest, most energy negative fuel going. Bitumen. I shudder to think what will happen to the central coast if Enbridge gets it's way and builds that pipeline into Kitimat and The Great Bear rainforest. As my friend said,"What will happen if a leak occurs on the pipe, when it is covered in 16 feet of snow in the middle of know where. The oil will run everywhere in the freshets of spring melt." This will be a massive disaster. I shudder at this thought.

I am thinking more and more about simplifying my life. I am wondering if having a large home, big tv, a nice car, all the other bells and whistles, are worth it. I feel like I am hooked into consumerism, and I need to break the cycle. I was listening to the sprocket podcast today and I listened to a couple who are living this way.( They have a 400 square foot apartment, no car, no tv, no fridge, very few things. Its a situation they worked into over several years. It is inspiring to me. Living simply could make life cheaper, richer, and less complicated. I will be making small steps in this direction. I already don't technically own a car at the moment, but I am thinking about it soon, I will have to make some decisions before I go and get locked into paying for something for five or more years. I would love to be able to have more time to spend with my daughter, gardening, riding, visiting, volunteering, writing. Maybe I will buy a tandem bike instead, then I can take daughter around with me. I am sad that a great friend of mine has to be working out of town, in a camp, working to keep a roof over there head, and having to make tons of money to make a future for his family, while having to be away for two weeks at a time. I am inspired to make change, and I hope to inspire others. Reuse, recycle, repair, regift, restore, and re-happy:)

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