Saturday, May 21, 2011

Long weekend

It was a good week. The weather was super, and I actually rode down in the morning just wearing shorts. That is nice. May is such a great month. I could do May all year. Garden is planted now, with peas, carrots, and swiss chard. I also have broccoli, kale and dill started, that I will plant in a couple of weeks.

Less than a month until we leave on our trip up north. The weeks are going to go by fast. I will have to spend sometime getting the last minute things done. I need the bike shop to help get my Pletscher kickstand on my Devinchi. I hope they can make it work. If not, maybe they will buy it from me. I also need to find two hockey bags for us to pack out panniers in, so they stay together on the plane. If you can help with donating an old hockey bag that would be much appreciated.

I am feeling pretty good fitness wise. I did have a knee issue(again). I rode through it until yesterday morning. I had to drive in to work. I couldn't bend it. I was so mad. It was uncomfortable all week, I even did 45k after work on Wednesday. So I called around, my doctor and physio couldn't fit me in, and finally got in to see Dr. Colin Wilson at Cumberland Chiropractic. He did an adjustment on my lower back, and he wrapped my knee in Rock Tape. So far today it feels much better. I am so happy. I had visions of doing nothing all weekend. He explained that my injury was over use. Not in mileage, but I was riding to hard, to high of gears, and I needed to spin more. I guess that comes from commuting home, up hill, and trying to go as fast as possible, always. I need to reassess and slow down. I don't like hurting. He also talked about form, and I will be going in for a bike fit soon and see how I can make changes there.

Changing topics, I need to vent about something. First is drivers who pull over to talk on there cell phones. Turn off you ignitions. I get terribly frustrated about people idling their vehicles, drives me absolutely bananas. BC is supposed to be idle free. I am just saying, flick you keys off. It doesn't harm you vehicle, you will save some gas, and you will stop a little unnecessary carbon from entering the atmosphere. Thank you for not driving and talking, because as a cyclist that scares the heck out to me, if your that conscientious please turn off you car. Another thing that kills me is the police idling their cars while they are doing road checks, and speed traps. What is that all about. I wrote something about this to the editor of the newspaper a while back, I saw police vehicles idling on the side of the road for four hours. That is brutal. Way to set an example. I have been told it is run the electronics. I think they need to put more batteries in these vehicle, or start using cars with smaller engines. Running a V-8 to run electronics is just a little overkill. I wonder who buys the police their gas.....Oh yeah, I remember its me and you. RCMP single handedly keeping the tar sands in operation. C'mon get with the times.

I am going out to ride some new traisl today. I will try to get some pics. Thanks for stopping by. Re-Happy.  

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