Sunday, March 27, 2011

so bad

I am really bad at writing this blog. I am not spending as much time on the computer as of late. I was a good week this week, except for more flat tires. I had one on the way to work on Tuesday, and again on Thursday afternoon. How frustrating. Luckily I was able to get rides both times. I wasn't carrying my repair stuff either, what a dummy. I went into the bike shop yesterday and got a Schwalbe Marathon tire, with the kevlar band in it, so hopefully flats will be a thing of the past. Tire is only about 50 bucks. What a great deal for the insurance. I will probably upgrade my front tire before the trip up north, and there should be no problems.

I got my Ortlieb panniers this week too. They are great, easy to take on and off. I may have to fine tune a little more, my fender supports are in the way a bit. I really like that they are totally waterproof, and they can stay open while they are still attached to the rack. It make loading so much easier. I purchased my front rack this week too, I will have to get that on the bike at some point and try it out. I can't wait to try out this new gear. I have gather so much stuff this past few months.

I looks like we will be doing an overnight ride to Sayward over the easter weekend leaving from Campbell River. It should be a good ride, its about 75k I think, the road is in good shape, there are shoulders all the way, and the route is not to hilly, from what I can remember. I like it up in that area, fingers crossed for good weather. Maybe the easter bunny will find us.

I bought a new pair of trail running shoes this weekend. I went for a 6k yesterday. I did get a blister on the ball of my foot. I hope some duct tape and some time will fix this problem. My other shoes gave me a blister to start, and they fit like a glove now. I am going to run my ass off in Victoria, the biking is going to get shelved for a few weeks until I am done school.

I am looking at full suspension mountain bikes again. I am pretty sure it will happen this year. I am trying to decide which way I want to go. I was originally thinking about an all mountain, but now I think I may go with a 5 inch travel trail bike. Much more affordable, and I think it will do the job. I guess time will tell, and I will have to weigh all the options and ride lots of bikes. It will be fun.

Have a good week, I won't have much to report for the next while, I will try to check in periodically.

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