Sunday, March 6, 2011

Its going to happen this week

So it looks like its going to be a wet week, and I am okay with that. As I mentioned in a previous message, I have very good rain gear. It will be so good rolling down in the morning, rain in my face, getting warmed up for the day.

I had a fun weekend. I took the dog out to a training session that his instructor has once a month as a free follow up. What a time. He had good moments and bad, there were over 30 dogs and owners there, so lots of distraction. It turned into a dog-off-leash-free-for-all. What a sight, all those critters, big and small, running, playing, wrestling. I couldn't help but smile. The weather was beautiful. He got in for a swim in the creek. It must have been cold.

This morning, I was up early, and daughter let me go out for a run. I drove my loop here in town yesterday, and found out it is exactly 6k. Thats a nice distance for a quick work out, and if I have more time, I can run it twice. My goal for this spring is to be able to run 20k at once. I will be putting in lots of time at elk lake, when I go to school, thats for sure. Being able to run a half marathon will feel really cool. I think I may have gotten my sister motivated to run too. I am really glad, and if she takes her time and is diligent she will reach her goals, I know that. Good Luck.

Have a good week, hopefully I will have more to report in the coming days.

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