Monday, June 4, 2012

Letter to John Duncan(I sent it to Harper too)

To John Duncan M.P.

I am writing to vent my frustration with the Conservative governments hidden agenda in Bill C-38. How can Canadians trust our Federal government that hides such important issues in a bill that is supposed to be about the finances of our country. Changes to the Fisheries Act, dismantling the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, removing the decision making power of the National Energy Board by giving Cabinet last say on any declaration of the Boards finding, and making the National Energy Board exempt from the Species at Risk Act. These are appalling insertions to the Act. I ask you why is it so important to potentially ruin our environment and to remove the safety nets that were in place to consider these risks in the name of  short term job creation. We have such a rich country in more than just our energy. What is the big hurry to sell it off? The world isn't creating any more and it will just get more valuable. Why are we burning so much natural gas to make the dirtiest of carbon fuels? And why do we need to send it overseas? All this energy makes Canada rich in so many ways, we SHOULD be self reliant in our energy needs. Natural gas is such a wonderful fuel and Canada could be implementing this fuel and leading the world in using natural gas as transportation fuel. Burning natural gas to make bitumen is like burning gold to make coal. It is totally backwards thinking. By allowing these environmental irresponsibilities brings Canada's environmental protectionism to the level of the third world. Short term employment and multi-national pocket stuffing before fragile eco-systems, endangered species and ruining an area that SHOULD be protected as a National Park. Pipelines and super tankers do not belong on our coast, period. It is sad for me to think of the future for my child and my grandchildren. I am teaching her to respect the environment because her generation will have so much more to fix than we had to save. I hope that the next generation will make smarter political decisions and NEVER elect a government that is removing our democratic rights and liberties, making the right to clean air and water up to multi-nationals who are padding the ruling parties coffers. I can proudly say that I didn't waste my vote by supporting the Conservative government and I never will. 

Just a little background. My father, grandfather and many family members on both sides of my family worked and work in the forest industry. I am a journeyman sheet metal worker. I make a living on progress. But it must be sustainable progress. Canada SHOULD be at the fore front of clean renewable technologies. The 5.5 billion Enbridge wishes to spend to build there "pipeline of death" would build a heck of a lot of renewable energy sources. 

I hope as a man from Vancouver Island you stand up to Steven Harper and make the right choice and say "no" to Bill C-38

Sincerely, your frustrated and upset constituent Blayne Prowse, Cumberland.

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