Monday, April 9, 2012

Adventure 14- Beachcombing

Can't go under so...
I spent a most wonderful long four day weekend in Merville this Easter. A brilliant sun rising over the coast mountains and the Salish Sea welcomed the day each morning. I was able to enjoy mountain biking with Marshall and Sunny on some new to me double track trails that have just enough debris to make a slow meandering ride interesting and challenging. A brushy, sizable grand fir windfall made for a scrambling crossing. A relaxing beachfire with Sheena and my sister,complete with  veggie hotdogs and organic rootbeer, while watching juvenile coho splash in the shallows was the close to the day on Saturday. Natalie was in Port Alberni camping with her mom for both Friday and Saturday nights. It was so precious to sleep in and have some "me" time for a good portion of the weekend. A lot of planning and communicating about how to make the tiny houses livable was accomplished this weekend as well. I am feeling really positive and enthusiastic about this transition.

With time at a premium for the day, and date scheduled to go to Campbell River to visit some puppies, I decided that the adventure for the week would be beachcombing. Interesting driftwood and rocks cover the landscape. Natalie and I love to scan for one of a kind pieces and cool shapes. This trip we would be looking for things that could be incorporated into the tiny house. Door and drawer pulls, coat hooks, and legs for tables or chairs were on our radar. Natalie also has showed an interest in the art of wood burning, thanks to her Grandma Kelly, in Ucluelet.

That is a piece of plastic in her mouth
 We had about an hour and a half this morning before we needed to leave for Campbell River, so we ate a fast breakfast of yam fritata with rooibos tea and off we went, with a backpack on. Marshall accompanied us for this little jaunt. Three houses down and we had the beach to ourselves as the rest of the homes along the stretch are high-bank and an not visible from the beach. This stretch of the east coast of Vancouver Island is sparsley populated and has the most amazing shoreline and ocean. An un-impeeded view of Desolation Sound, Powell River and the Coast range make for some gorgeous landscapes. Sea gulls, pacific loons, cormorants, harbor seals, and many species of ducks, including harlequin and scooters. The area is also a playground for Bald eagles. There is always something interesting to see and hear.

Always a funny face
We were successful on finding unique driftwood that may be used in the tiny house. Natalie found so many beautiful rocks, of all sizes and colors. It is so hard for us not to bring them all home. We are both collectors of natural art. Art created by the forest and deep within Mother Earth. We spotted many chunks of old growth red cedar that I hope to harvest to make shakes to side a sauna or other out building, giving them a real west coast feel. We discovered a nice sized Sitka spruce fallen from shoreline erosion. We decided to walk the log and climb around the branches. That was a lot of fun climbing on a jungle.

The prickly jungle
With a backpack full of lumber we went home and drove north to Campbell. Marshall, who was wet from swimming, came with us. He was allowed to play with the three grown dogs at the puppies house. The dad dog is an Irish wolfhound who is 140lbs, making Marshall look like a shrimp. It was so fun to watch them play and the little puppies scramble to dodge the big ones feet. A couple of the pups wanted to try playing, but wisely they changed their minds.

Natalie and Willow
Once home Natalie was successful in using the woodburner that I have, and after dinner her and I went out and practiced riding her bike. I was holding the back of her saddle for balance, and with out her knowing, I let go. Off she went. It was such a great moment for us. I have been waiting patiently for her to ride on her own, and to see it made me laugh uncontrollably. I am so proud of her for getting out of her comfort zone and do it. A huge thanks to Sheena for trying new techniques and getting her comfortable enough to keep practicing. It won't be long now. A weekend full of adventure, it was tremendous. Bring summer. Find Adventure.

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