Sunday, April 1, 2012

Adventure 13- Family History

Today I needed to accomplish three things in a limited amount of time. An adventure needed to take place, and I needed to see my Grandma. It had been much to long of time since I had the pleasure of visiting her at her home in Union Bay. She was alone this weekend, and missing her daughters 50th birthday in Kamloops, because of some new discomfort that is affecting her while she sits for too long. I also had been meaning to interview her for some writing I want to do about her magnificent stack wall home, that was built by my Grandpa and her twenty five years ago. I will be posting about the house in a future blog, pictures included. So we traveled south and had a great visit with my grandma this afternoon.

Todays adventure was less of an adventure more an experience for Natalie. She mostly just sat and drew pictures for Grandma. As Grandma and I reflected on her scrapbook of photos from the construction of the house, I would point out different photos contained in the pages. I showed her snaps of my sister and myself as children, her great-great-Grandpa that she didn't meet, her great Uncles with less grey hair and beer bellies, long gone pets of their family and things I remembered about those days. I was ten when the house was completed, so my memories were somewhat vague on a lot of the images. It was neat to be able to help jog Grandma's memory, asking questions. She was so happy that I was interested in the house and what it represented to her. Natalie got to see pictures of her great Grandpa when he was a strong, middle aged man, working and creating. She only knew him in his later years when the emphysema was strongly taking its toll on him.

It has been hard to keep up with my extended family. Having my own life and family to focus on, work and my recreational endeavors leaves little perceived time to visit with my kin. I do believe that it is so important for children to see where they came from and to have quality time with their elders. With much wisdom, patience, time and kindness, a perfect guide to life. It is like a teacher with out grades and tests, only questions, answers and hugs. Much joy in seeing what the grandchild can do, reading and writing, physical activities and ability to speak for themselves as a person, no longer a infant.

As we were leaving,Grandma imparted some wisdom on Natalie. "Getting chores done quickly is good, so there is more time to have fun." I had to chuckle, as this is what I always say to her, and hopefully Grandma's soft, wisdom filled voice will linger in Natalie's head and she will remember this for years to come. Make time for the experienced ones in life, learn and listen, and be grateful that you have the opportunity to share with your next generation. Find Adventure.

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  1. Awww..I'm so glad you all had the chance to be together for "hog time" as A. Wendy calls it. AKA quality one on one time. I was happy to hear Grandma's report of her weekend of grand kid visits. She's so proud of us all. Got a little misty reading your report :)