Thursday, March 8, 2012


Well finally, after so many months of nursing my bum right knee, I was able to commute to work three times this week on my bike. What a beautiful thing. I left Monday morning with flurries falling from the Cumberland sky, not sure what to think. I really wanted to go, it was time to begin commuting for this year. I have been taking it easy. Granny gears are my friend. Over use was my down fall. I always wanted to go as fast as I could, thinking that was the only way to get in shape. It is nearly impossible to get fit while injured, so what good did all that hard work do for me? Not one thing. All that I gained was mostly lost in the last five months of inactivity. My new approach for this year is to cycle slowly, take my time and enjoy the ride, whether it be on the asphalt or the trail.

I have notice how much fun I have been having early this season with my commute. Last year it turned into a drag. I think it was probably a combination of knee pain, mental fatigue from touring, and so many projects on the go. I just burned out and had to shut it down due to the knee problem. I hope to keep it fresh and fun so I will keep riding for many months and try to stay injury free. I discovered that my iPhone fits in the chest pocket of my rain jacket that I wear every morning en route to Courtenay. I can stream my favorite radio station, CFOX, from Vancouver during my ride. It is more like driving in the car plus getting exercise. Too much fun.

Last night I had the privilege to be a guest with the Sprocket Podcast. The Sprocket is a podcast from Portland, where they discus such things as cycling, alternative transportation, music, the interweb, simple living and in general the good things in life. I have been a devout listener for close to a year now. One of the hosts, Brock, contacted me after I started listening and we began casual email conversations about bicycle touring. He asked me to join in for a chat about my tour into Alaska. It was pretty cool to be able to be interviewed by someone who I have been listening to for so many weeks. The episode will be posted at a later date, I will keep everyone posted.

My full suspension mountain bike that I purchased last spring has been a disappointment. It just hasn't met my expectations. Too many problems, not enough good times with it, so I have decided to put it up for sale. I plan on buying a brand new one this time, but I was offered a really good deal on a frame, and could build a bike on it. I am tossed on this one....

Life is going really well. The crocus are flowering in the front garden, the days are rapidly getting longer, I am having so much fun with Natalie on our adventures, and I am riding to work again. I am a very happy guy right now. I love having such a good time, all without alcohol. Find adventure!

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