Sunday, April 17, 2011

Beautiful Sunday

Hello. Today I went for a ride on the Cumberland trails with my girlfriend and another friend, oh and of course the dog. It was fantastic. Is great to have a few rides under my belt to get more confidence on the trail. I went down something that I didn't think that I would go down. It made my heart race. How fun. The dog was good, and my girlfriend had a fun ride. She is getting into the swing of things, after not riding a mountain bike for quite some years. It wasn't raining this week either. The sun was actually shining. A day to remember.

Last night we decided to go for a ride on the road bikes. It was decided that we would ride down to Royston for dinner and then come back. The we thought that riding down to Buckley Bay first, then coming to Royston to eat. It was perfect. I love riding along the inland Island highway. The shoulder is huge. We could ride two abreast all the way, and not feel nervous about traffic. Being Saturday evening the traffic was really light, no big trucks, so that made it much better. We stopped at the Backstreet Pub for dinner. A plate full of halibut and chips really hit the spot, and I was still able to ride up the hill back to Dodge. All told it was about 45k round trip, and we got to see beautiful colors of the sun setting behind Mount Washington.

I finally got the front rack figured out for my Sydney. My big Axiom panniers will work on it too. I am glad I don't need to worry about getting other bags for it. I also got my new Icebreaker shirt. Its a SS Velocity Zip. What a fantastic shirt. I will really like the zip on it in the summer when I can open the collar and let more air in. Its a great blue colour that will be quite visible for riding on the street.

Next weekend will be the trial ride for us before our trip up north. We will be camping somewhere, with all our stuff. I can't wait. Short week at school.

Go Canucks! Have a good one

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