Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Wow, I never thought it would happen. 100 views. That is incredible. Thanks to everyone who has checked it out. Hopefully its not been just my mom, sister and girlfriend. Haha. I wish I had something to give away, but I don't except for more words of wisdom.

I went down to North Park Bikes, in Victoria, today. My girlfriend bought her Surly from them 18 months ago. I went down looking for a Pletscher two legged kickstand. They didn't have any there, so I will order one online. It should be great for holding up the Sydney when she is fully loaded during this summers tour. I look forward to having this new piece of gear. It was nice to talk to a different bike shop. They told me some information about bike manufactures that I have been wondering about for a while. All the Canadian companys are building there frames overseas. I think the bikeshop is most important than the brand of wheels. If it feels good, then its good. Its too bad that everything has to get made over seas. So many jobs gone, just so prices can be lower. Its a bad cycle.

I don't feel like ranting tonight so I will change the subject. It is so great to see how many people commute down here by bike. There is one cross walk on Quadra ave, mostly for cyclist who are riding the Lochside trail. Today I saw about six cyclists using the cross walk, stopping traffic. It is fantastic. Courtenay should learn from this city in bicycle planning. There is lots of bike lanes, some end at random times, at least the thought is there. I am going to ride down to MEC tomorrow on the Lochside and the Galloping Goose trail. It should be a great ride. I hope the weather is decent.

I got out mountain biking on Sunday with 5 friends. It was raining like crazy, but we all had fun. There was lots of mud and puddles. There was only one crash and it wasn't too bad. We will be going again next weekend. I am still trying to decide about a full suspension bike. I am so excited about it.

Until next time.

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