Monday, May 14, 2012

Adventure 19- Happy Mothers Day bike ride

Happy and ready to go
My sister, Mandy, called me early last week to ask if I wanted to take our mom out for an outdoor activity for Mothers Day. Mandy and I both enjoy exercising and being active, as does my mom. It was a no brainer for me to agree and plans were hatched to round up the family and go do something. Mandy's first suggestion was to get out for a bike ride. Of course that, again, was a no brainer as far as Natalie and I were concerned. Where to go? Well how about the Bevan trail? It is a pretty easy trail. No mountain biking skills required. So we hammered down the plan and a meeting time was set. Sheena, Natalie and I were to meet them out at the Puntledge River recreation area at the Comox Lake diversion dam.
Looking good Mandy
Of course the Bevan trail was the same one that Natalie and I were on last weekend. I figured that it would be a nice place for Mom, Mandy and Brian (my step dad) to work out the rust as neither of them had been on a bike very much in the past decade or two. Mandy borrowed my hardtail Marin. She had tried it last spring but thought it to big for her. This time, with the seat lowered it was no problem. Mom and Brian were comfortable on their respective wheels. Sheena and I were already warmed up from a break of day ride that morning in Cumberland. Natalie seemed like she was excited about going, but that became a different thing all together.
Bike gang
We left the parking lot, slipped down a short path onto Comox Lake main and made the 200 meter ride to the trail head. I decided that we would park at the picnic area, since we had a nice lunch packed in the Element that Sheena graciously prepared the evening before. I rode back with Natalie until the bottom of the first hill, then I rode ahead to let her have some riding time with Grandma. I think she got nervous about riding with someone else besides me, because she lost her groove. My usual happy, daredevil riding partner turned into a nervous, scared, wimpy little girl. I was frustrated. Here we were, all the grown-ups wanting to ride with her (they hadn't watched her yet), on a trail I know she can do, at a pace that isn't too fast. So her and I ended up hanging back and stopping for pow wows several times to try to motivate her. It didn't really work all that well, until almost the end. I had enough, that was hard. I want to be supportive and positive, but she knows how to play me for sympathy. I don't know how much to give and usually give to much.
Where are we?
Mandy realized that she had forgotten to lock her pick-up, so Sheena offered to ride back to the parking lot and take care of that for her. She took off and shortly after Natalie and I needed to stop to talk again, so the other three took off ahead. Three who had not been on the trail before and not familiar to the area. I asked them to stop at Palm Beach and wait for us. I though the trail was marked. It was, on the opposite side of the post. So they went right on by. Now we have three groups all riding away from each other. Natalie and I stayed put. Luckily I knew Brian had his phone, so I sent him a text message to turn around. Shortly after Sheena arrived. Then the other came, and we were all reunited. Okay, it is time to go back. I was very grumpy, not having fun at all, having to deal with Natalie's attitude.
Too big of a hill
We rode back and I stuck with Natalie, trying to help her along, so we could get back. Sheena's new puppy was at home and we couldn't be away for two long. We arrived back to eat a feast of Natural Pastures cheese, veggies, my smoked salmon, crackers, and some chocolate cupcakes. We also had some delicious soda that we purchased from the Farmers Market on Saturday. It is made by a company called Island Soda Works. Check them out when you visit the market.
Lunch time. What happened to the salami?
I think that everyone had a fun time, aside from me and Natalie. We will have to try again, and I am sure that she will feel much better next time. It sure was a beautiful day. Find Adventure! with your family.

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  1. Although I'm sorry you and Natalie didn't have the best time we were very happy to be together as a family for Mother's Day. We ended the day on a happy note, Natalie and I dangling our hot feet in the freezing river, giggling! Thank you to all for our ride, the nice picnic, and a happy, happy Mom! I love you all!