Wednesday, November 2, 2011

One EVIL word

It has been quite a few years now since I started thinking about a little word that has such a huge meaning. It is mean, evil, unnecessary, and negative. This word, I don't even like to type it, is HATE. I believe there is no word in the English language that has such a strong context. It is four letters, two vowels, two constants that evoke images of cross burning, segregation, ghetto's, concentration camps, white robes, and military marches.

I have tried really hard to stop my daughter from using this despicable word. How many of the youth that have committed suicide been told that someone H$%TS them? How many women and children who are assaulted by there spouse or parent told that I H$%T you? Can we prevent some violence, depression, and encourage compassion by just stopping saying a little four letter word. There are many four letter words that are supposedly worst to say in public, I agree they have their place, but this one is used freely around children, and grandparents.

Lets get this word out of the regular vocabulary. It should only be used to describe how Hitler felt about the Jews, Early Americans felt about the Natives, and other religious or raced based wars and genocide. There are other words that can be used to describe dis-like. I do it, why can't you?

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