Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big reason to wear Merino Wool.

Studies have found that wearing and washing synthetic materials, such as fleece, polypro and other plastic based fabrics, contributes to plastic fibers ending up in the environment. The small filaments end up being unintentionally eaten by small creatures, and intern are eaten in great numbers by bigger creatures. The concentration of plastics may kill animals on the top of the food chain from these concentrated minuscule plastic filaments. I had never considered this before I read this article, but now it makes me feel even better about wearing wool. Natural is better. Biodegradable and renewable. It won't kill fishes and birdies. 

Read this article and have your eyes opened.


  1. I think the better argument is the non-stinkability. I might have to pick up a few new shirts.

  2. You need all the help you can get haha. Check this link to MEC. Good value in merino. Or check out Icebreaker at Valhalla.